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about us

Since 2008, St. Louis Retirement Advisors has offered comprehensive financial planning services with a special emphasis on retirement planning. Our team of independent, fee-based wealth advisors provide personalized advice for Individuals and couples who have accumulated a lifetime of assets and find themselves near or in retirement. Navigating the complexities that pre-retirees and retirees face, including investment management, healthcare costs, Social Security benefits, tax law, charitable giving, legacy planning, and lifetime income, among numerous other considerations can be costly if not managed properly.

Maintaining the lifestyle in retirement that you choose is important to us. Our wealth advisors spend significant time discussing your retirement lifestyle and shaping a financial plan that serves as a foundation for future discussions. We will identify and seek ways of mitigating risks to your retirement lifestyle, such as investment return variability, inflation and cost of living increases, long-term care costs, among other factors. We will also build a cash flow distribution and income strategy to meet your current and future spending needs so you can enjoy your years in retirement to the fullest.

Our Approach

St. Louis Retirement Advisors meets you at the intersection of your retirement planning and your wealth.

Starting with a conversation to discover your full financial picture, we analyze your current situation and design a customized strategy aimed at fulfilling your needs. Once we confirm with you that our plan is realistic and meets your objectives, we implement and coordinate all recommendations. Finally, we monitor and adjust the plan and customized strategies as necessary during our on-going conversations.

Client Centered

Our Fiduciary Commitment

As an independently owned fiduciary firm, we have a responsibility to act in your best interest. That means the advice we provide, across all our services, is based solely on your needs—we have no other motivation or incentive. Our goal is to treat your finances as if they were our own, offering the kind of guidance we would want for ourselves.

It is also critical for us to understand your financial situation before offering advice. That is why we will comprehensively review your current financial situation and past experiences. Then we’ll look at your current or planned retirement spending, including your legacy and charitable giving goals. Only after we see the whole picture can we customize a plan that best serves you and your loved ones.

we are commited to

Straightforward advice that’s easy to understand and to act upon.

Complete transparency around all the financial options available to you, including risks and fees.

Always putting your financial interests above our own.

Helping you make sound decisions that support your current and future needs.

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